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Just a few of the Testimonials we have received

Ok Mag

      Hello Sheryl.

      I want to start off by apologising for not getting back to you sooner. We had a crazy 2 weeks of traveling and weddings across the globe. Then we arrived back to London on Monday morning and went straight into rehearsals for the new series. We've not been on top of everything quickly as we normally would be.

 We want to say THANK YOU for creating a perfect day for us! The flowers were incredible and everything look absolutely beautiful! We were truly happy with what you created and really want you to know how much we appreciate what you did for us.

 I am waiting to get the photos from OK! Mag (which should be arriving tomorrow they said) to post really beautiful photos of the flowers and then of course thank you on all of our social media. Let me know your Twitter and Instagram accounts. Please also send me your mailing address when you have a moment.

 Thank you again and we want you to know that we truly LOVED what you created for us!


Janette Manrara




Global GiftThe creativity & passion that Sheryl & Wayne show for their floral displays makes them heads & shoulders above the competition! Not only are they the most

amazing displays I've ever seen, but they are the nicest people I think I've met!

 The displays they made for the Edinburgh Global Gift Gala at the Waldorf Astoria this week were truly out of this world.. they were the talking piece of the whole evening and almost outshone the gorgeous Eva Longoria!

 I look forward to seeing more of Fulford Flowers fabulous creations at future events and will be recommending them to everyone!!      


Joan Serafini




Laura Hamilton               Fulford  Flowers are my go to florist. I always love fresh flowers in my house and Sheryl's creations are just beautiful. I've used Fulford flowers for two big

events, a private party at home as well as a big celebration, photographed by Hello magazine

Thank you Sheryl, you are amazing x.

Laura Hamilton


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